Namibia Adventure

Namibia is all about outdoors, it’s in the heart and soul of every Namibian. Come hike the second largest canyon in Africa or tandem dive through the pale blue sky above golden sand dunes as they drown into the Atlantic Ocean.

Choose from an array of activities offered in Namibia: be it flying, running, skydiving, boating, biking or just leisurely drifting above the desert in a hot-air balloon as the rising sun paints an awe-inspiring canvas over the desert horizons. For the more adventurous be sure to visit Swakopmund and experience Namibia's epicentre of adrenalin.

Namab Desert Tours

Namab Desert Tours operate an exclusive wilderness concession within the world famous Namib Nuakluft National Park. Running Eco-Adventure tours on various routes through some of the most isolated area...

Archers Land

Archers Land offers two stunning 3D archery trails at Heja Lodge! It is suitable for beginners and any age group and therefore ideal for families as well as groups of friends or colleagues............